New pictures

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i have added some pictures of recent projects that i have finished   enjoy if you can



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so i have not posted for a while due to the fact that my mother was ill  then verry ill for a while  then  she died at 9:01am  on may 21   and it sickens  me  that people are acting all nice to me right now  people who have hardly said two words to me for a long time are now acting like they know me   asking me if i am all right  if they knew they would know better to ask me such a stupid question  if they knew  me they would know that i am a very strong person but they dont  and soon they will again forget i am even alive and they can feel good about themselves  thinking they have helped me  but its okay  i know who has been there for me  and they are all that matters

My First

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My first chain mail ever was a Japanese pattern named Hitoye-Gusari

it is a very easy pattern to make but looks wonderful in large sheets i first made it from ring i purchased off ebay   16 gauge bright aluminum rings about 2000 of them for 8 dollars  not too bad seeing as i have about 500 of them 4 years later  i remember they day i got them in the mail all i could do was stare at how bright they looked in the sun light that was a good day  until i actually began to make things  lol then the toiling hours and frustration began  and i havent stopped yet  

This page

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Hello welcome to my blog. The goal of my blog is to talk about my business and to rant from time to time or  maybe more  lets see how things go.  I make Chain mail jewelry  then sell it on ebay, i dont have my own web site to sell from yet because wow  that’s not easy  lol well i hope you stop by again and thank you for reading  i hope there is more to come!!!!